Former Dick Molpus political spokesman and current Northeast Mississippi Daily Journal political reporter Patsy Brumfield has now unearthed the news that — drumroll here — Northern District US Attorney Jim Greenlee made a campaign contribution to Roger Wicker when he was running for the House of Representatives. And oh, the contribution was in 2002. And oh, it was for $200.

So, the “political prosecution” conspiracy theory crowd now have their proof that the beef plant prosecutions were all staged to hurt Ronnie Musgrove’s race for the US Senate, right?

Give us all a break, please, Ms. Brumfield.

In order for the world to work as the political prosecution theorists think it does, the political conspiracy must reach from the heavens to the inner reaches of Mississippi’s jury pools. Somehow, there was first a conspiracy to get Paul Minor to bribe some judges down on the Coast, for the judges to accept those bribes, then for twelve citizens to determine unanimously that they were all guilty of having done so. Then, the conspiracy somehow got two other Mississippians, a guy from Tennessee and three guys from Georgia all to commit crimes in connection with the beef plant, to which five of the six pled guilty while the sixth was convicted by, again, twelve ordinary citizens who were somehow shanghaied into the conspiracy.

But the coup de grace to the whole conspiracy is that just when it looked as though the beef plant case might actually finish up in 2007 before anyone even knew there was going to be a Senate race this year, or that Roger Wicker and Ronnie Musgrove would be running, lo and behold, the Republicans in government somehow got four lawyers and a lawyer wanna-be to try to bribe not one but two different state court judges. That way, see, the beef plant investigation could be delayed into 2008, while prosecutors and the FBI ran all the traps on the judicial bribery cases. Then, of course, the conspiracy also required that all five of the judge bribers had to plead guilty to crimes serious enough to send each of them to jail for a long, long time.

Not even Hillary Clinton, in her wildest dreams, imagined a vast, right-wing conspiracy as far-reaching and powerful as some apparently believe is at work in this state. And all to keep Ronnie Musgrove from getting elected to the Senate.

Frankly, Ms. Brumfield, most of us in the vast right-wing conspiracy are keeping ourselves busy with bigger things these days — like looking for life forms in the ice on Mars and staying up too late watching women’s beach volleyball at the Olympics. Those of you in the left-wing media elite might consider looking for evidence of our nefarious activities there.