Gallo Notes-August 10,2008

In Peter Schweizer’s latest New York Times Best Seller, “Makers and Takers”, we learn that Liberalism is not simply a set of political ideas, but in today’s culture it is also a sad form of social identity. I’ve said it for years that people who are infected with RDS-Reasoning Deficiency Syndrome- are wired differently in all areas of life from their views on rearing children to consumer choices. In Schweizer’s and several other books, that observation has proving true.

In education, liberals believe we can stop the bleeding of Public Education if we are willing to spend even more money on bigger band aids. If you’re wondering why liberals still cling to an ideology of failure, it’s because RDS also diminishes hindsight.

Now that we’re actually studying ideology outside the political enviornment, we also find that liberal care less about having children and are less willing to make sacrifices for the children they do have. By a large percentage, liberals also believe it takes a village and a government check to survive in a cruel conservatively dominated world.

But here’s another side of the issue that research hasn’t covered. Why do liberals even send their children to school to become a success if success is bad? My Italian grandparents came to this country for one reason-to create a better life for themselves, their children and their grandchildren. That wasn’t idle musings, it was their mission. Many committed parents and grandparents today are doing the same thing; making sacrifices, working overtime, doing homework, etc. Why? Because they want those kids to achieve the American dream of success-however that is individually defined.

The question again to liberals is why? Why not just pull your kids out of school, withdraw the college fund and go on a global warming tour with Al Gore and Company? Surely they understand of making an educational commitment to thier kids? They could screw up and become successful. Heavens! They could create a possible corporate nemesis, or God forbid they might morph into a Republican politician. At the very least, moving away from poverty statistically means moving away from the generational failures of the Democrat Party.

For African-American parents who have been so loyal to the Democrat Party, this issue has to be an ever present conundrum. As giving parents, they want nothing less than their children’s happiness and success. But on the other side of the coin, there exist a Democrat culture of exclusion, ridicule and ostracizing matched only by the degree of success. You don’t believe it? I’d suggest you ask Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas, Sec. of State Condi Rice and countless others. And when this happens, the Democrat Party movers, shakers and playmakers (white and black), shamelessly allow the liberal media mute button be activated on racism and ranting.

During our on-air interview, Peter Schweizer stated that liberalism and conservatism are not simply political ideologies, but they represent divergent ways of life. I believe that statement is more evident in this election than ever before in our lifetimes. The divide is spreading wider each day between those who believe in more or in less government, personal responsibility, faith, freedom, traditional family, gun rights, gay rights, etc. Barack Obama if a gifted speaker who talks about change, but what he doesn’t say is that all change is not guaranteed good. There have been many great speakers who occupy the hell holes of history who also promised change. Our fathers and forefathers learned, sometimes with personal sacrifice, that great speakers don’t necessary make great leaders.