PAUL HAMPTON: Cochran’s not the only one who doesn’t know McDaniel

His website says his signature act in the Senate was getting the Mississippi Student Religious Liberties Act of 2013 — which now allows for religious activities in our schools by Muslims, Scientologists, devil-worshippers and anyone else who decides to claim to have a religion. I’m sure he meant well.

This year, his legislative agenda is littered with the word “died” next to most of the bills he wrote. My favorite — which I have nicknamed the Defense of Polio Act — would exempt students from the vaccination requirement for public schools.

He wants to “apply for a United States Article V Amendments Convention” and “prohibit state cooperation with a federal effort to ban” firearms.

But we want to know more.

Come on down

So I invite McDaniel once again to come to South Mississippi and tell us who he is. Not with a half-minute appearance before cameras (note to self, don’t get between the state senator and the cameras this time), not with a stump speech about the Founders and the Constitution and the declining culture. A discussion about exactly what he would cut to get us out of debt, what he would do about the cost of insurance in South Mississippi, what he would do to bring or create jobs for the state’s unemployed. Tell us what working people with no insurance should do when they get sick.

Just don’t bring the boogeyman. But you can bring Ron Vincent, so you’ll be the best-known candidate in the room.

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