PAUL HAMPTON: Guntown doesn’t get much notice, much less national press

Then there’s state Sen. Chris McDaniel, who put Guntown, a northeast Mississippi town of just under 2,100 people, on the national radar. The McDaniel camp said it’s not the senator’s fault someone put his name on the flier alongside the Pace Confederate Depot in nearby Baldwyn for a gun rights/Tea Party Rally/music fest planned for May.

Guntown first-term Alderman Chad McMahan knows how he feels.

“I don’t work for the Chris McDaniel campaign, nor do I speak for them,” he said. “I am not an organizer of this pro-Second Amendment rally, though I am a promoter of it.

“To be quite honest with you, my name got put on a list, and I called them and said, ‘Hey, you didn’t ask me for permission to put my name on your list or on that flier, and I’d appreciate you removing it.’ And they did.”

McMahan likely is Guntown’s biggest booster, though, and he’s not letting what could have been a PR disaster go unused.

“They wanted to have this firearms-slash-Second Amendment rally and what better place to do it than Guntown, Mississippi?” he said. “You guys ought to give us a little bump on this.”

McMahan says Guntown’s name actually has nothing to do firearms.

“The was a Revolutionary War soldier named Gunn,” he said. “He founded the town.”

The town’s website says that was “James Gunn, a Tory who fled to the region during the Revolution.”

That’s not the only legend of Guntown.

“I might shouldn’t tell you this, but John Wilkes Booth was from Guntown,” McMahan said.

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