PAUL HAMPTON: Democrats hope a truck-driving darkhorse delivers another upset

“Wait a minute!” conservative radio talker Paul Gallo, GOP.5 on the FM dial, tweeted. “Do you really expect us to believe Robert Gray is doing his own tweets? Is this Onion Report?”

Of course, the implication is a truck driver couldn’t be Twitter savvy.

But when Gallo and Gray met head to head, the GOP spokesman couldn’t lay a glove on the laid-back truck driver. And it’s obvious he knows his business better than the Republican.

Gallo asked why he didn’t go out and buy five more trucks. Gray said he wouldn’t be able to find any drivers.

Gallo couldn’t understand because there’s “massive unemployment.”

But there is a nationwide shortage of drivers. Oh, and if you look outside of Mississippi, unemployment isn’t so massive.

Sun Herald