Legislature will just chug along as long as we let it

“Under the current regime,” said Rep. David Baria, leader of the Democratic minority in the House, “they tell us how it will be. They don’t want hearings, they don’t want questions. They don’t want to slow the train.”

Until the train leaves the rails, as it did with the Biloxi suit.

A lot of these problems are on us, the people of the Coast, because we let them get away with it.

Someone just asked me if the Legislature is still in session. Baria said people ask him, “How are things going in Washington?”

We’re 150 miles away and often an afterthought. There is a live stream, which tends to freeze at the most inopportune time. There is a website that’s helpful during a regular session but was useless during the less-than-ordinary session.

That leaves us with Twitter.

Paul Hampton
Sun Herald