PEER releases cost-per-inmate-day report

BKD, LLP, provided cost per inmate day determinations for all security levels of inmates combined (i.e., MDOC’s general cost per inmate day) and also on the basis of security classification (i. e., minimum, medium, or maximum) of inmates.

MDOC’s FY 2011 general cost per inmate day for a 1,000-bed facility totaled $49.68.

MDOC’s FY 2011 costs per inmate day for individual security classifications in a 1,000 bed facility were as follows: minimum security, $49.50; medium security, $43.72; and maximum security,1 $102.27. MDOC’s FY 2011 costs per inmate day for security classifications in a 1,500-bed psychiatric correctional facility were $57.00 for medium security and $101.36 for maximum security.

PEER believes MDOC should negotiate cost savings for private prison payments well below the ten percent mandated by state law.