Barbour leads GOP “outreach”

Interesting. From a press release:

More than 50 people were on hand at The Penguin Restaurant as former Mississippi Governor Haley Barbour served as the keynote speaker at the new outreach organization’s kickoff. E3 Vanguard has a mission to educate, empower and enhance the electorate by focusing on strengthening families, quality education, and economic opportunity.

As the RNC prepares to implement their Growth and Opportunity project targeting minority communities and non traditional Republican voters, E3 Vanguard is prepared to lead the way by offering educational forums and symposiums to highlight and discuss issues where African Americans agree with conservatives.

“It’s exciting to see E3 Vanguard take the lead in helping the Republican Party grow and expand in minority communities,” said Barbour, a former RNC chairman. “Hispanic and African American voters care about lower taxes, quality education, and good jobs as other voters do. It’s up to the Republican Party to make sure we are presenting policies and programs that produce superior results to those of the Democrats.”

E3 Vanguard President Nic Lott spoke of the need to concentrate on areas where the GOP and minority communities share common ground. “We see a wonderful opportunity to focus on minority outreach at a time when our great nation continues to grow in diversity. E3 Vanguard recognizes that Americans from all walks of life embrace the very principles and conservative values we uphold,” said Lott. “We will be providing policy forums for minority conservatives to exchange ideas and to further inform the electorate. We must have an ongoing presence in minority communities.”

E3 Vanguard Vice President Rita Wray stated,”E3 Vanguard is vision oriented and principle driven and invites all who share in the goal of growing the Republican party to attend the 2013 Spring Policy Forum.”

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