Pender – Gunn could be peacemaker

The first time I met presumptive House Speaker Philip Gunn, he ran over me. Nevertheless, I think he’s a good guy and will probably bring some peace to what has been a tumultuous state House of Representatives.

I was in middle school at Clinton, and he was the star quarterback of a stellar Clinton High Arrows team. Some pals and I were lollygagging around on the field and didn’t heed warnings to move from in front of the poster-paper screen the team came crashing through.

We got trampled. So did the team a Gunn-led Clinton High was playing that night.

My dealings with him since he took office in the House in 2004 have been far more amiable, although he did once threaten me with the baseball bat he kept at his desk in the back of the House chambers. I’m pretty sure he was only joking.

Sun Herald