Reeves being unlike Reeves

Reeves could try to one-up the House on a teacher raise. But that would be very un-Reeves like, as he has cultivated the image of someone who pinches every penny that comes through state coffers.

He can maneuver some with the Highway Patrol — figure out a way to approve adding troopers while forcing other agency cuts and contortions.

It may be that, as the 2015 elections near, Reeves has done some assessment of where he is politically.

Reeves, who in turns has been at odds with the governor, the House GOP leadership, the tea party and a chunk of his own Senate Republicans, may be picking his battles a little more carefully in the lead-up to re-election. He doesn’t need teachers and the motoring public down on him.

No man is an island, or at least no man wants to be on an island, or have a primary opponent, when re-election rolls around.

Reeves is about to have to show his hand, at least partially, on the teacher pay raise issue. The deadline for Senate education to take up the House teacher raise bill is Tuesday.

I suspect Reeves will perk up as the legislative session moves into the nitty-gritty of setting a state budget over the next few weeks.

Geoff Pender
Clarion Ledger