GEOFF PENDER: 2017 session: No social wars, knock down, drag out

The 2017 Mississippi legislative session is now almost in the books, and it may well be remembered more for what lawmakers didn’t do than what they did.

Compared to lists from early prognostications — and pending no surprise moves in the final days of the session — lawmakers did not do many things that had been promised or expected…

…Mississippi legislation and legislators garnered little national media attention and didn’t create fodder for late-night TV shows. There were, of course, some moments — debate over domestic abuse and divorce and state flag amendments — but legislative leaders didn’t push social-issue measures that had lawmakers and the commonwealth spitting mad. Even an anti-immigration bill, in its final form, appears mostly to prevent “sanctuary cities,” of which we already have none.

Legislative leaders early on said they had a tacit agreement to avoid such spectacle this session. Apparently, it held.

Clarion Ledger