Geoff Pender: Education politics: Lawsuits, no collaboration

Mississippi is trying to do something new — at least new to this state — with public education, so it makes perfect sense there’s already a lawsuit filed to put a stop to it.

I’m referring, of course, to the Southern Poverty Law Center’s lawsuit claiming the state’s funding of charter schools is unconstitutional….

…Will they work as proponents claim? Will they provide a release valve for children trapped in failing regular public schools and force those schools to get their act together to compete? Or will they fail and just suck already scant resources from the public school system?

We don’t yet know. If they’re shuttered by the litigation, we might never know.

But given Mississippi’s perennial spot at or near the bottom rung nationally in education, aren’t they worth a try? Really, isn’t anything worth a try to improve Mississippi’s public education?

Clarion Ledger