GEOFF PENDER: Who’s (maybe) running in 2019 … AG edition

Now, for a final installment at least until the Neshoba County Fair stumping later this month, let’s look down-ticket at the attorney general post. This is assuming longtime AG Jim Hood runs for governor and-or does not seek re-election….

…On the Democratic side — well, some politicos are starting to wonder if the party might be ready to cede the office it has held since 1878, the only statewide office now held by a Democrat. The party does not appear to have anyone in the bullpen for AG right now. There’s been talk that the trial lawyer set is considering what Republican candidate it might back (perhaps Treasurer Lynn Fitch?), a pragmatic move to keep state-led consumer lawsuits rolling.

There are some potential Democratic AG candidates: House Minority Leader David Baria of Bay St. Louis and Democratic Trust founder Brandon Jones are oft mentioned. There are some young, up-and-coming potentials including Scott Colom, district attorney for Lowndes, Oktibbeha, Clay and Noxubee counties. But would they drop what they’re doing now to make such a run?

As I said in previous column, it’s do-or-die in ’19 for the state Democratic Party to field serious candidates for governor and lieutenant governor. If it doesn’t, it’s going to be very hard to recruit candidates downstream such as for AG, and it would hurt Dems in legislative races.

Clarion Ledger