GEOFF PENDER: Mississippi’s flag has never done its job

The purpose of a flag is to serve as a symbol of a united group of people, whether it’s a national flag, state flag or the banner for a garden club.

In that context, the current Mississippi state flag, with its unrepentant Confederate battle emblem blazing in one corner, has never really done its job….

…And if a flag is supposed to be a symbol of a state’s heritage and history, why on earth, out of all of Mississippi’s great accomplishments and people, would we want to commemorate above all else our failed attempt to overthrow the United States over slavery? Is that the best thing we can come up with to wave over our heads?

But regardless of our state flag’s history, I believe Gunn is correct about its future. It’s not going to get better. State leaders and those who support it will eventually have to decide just how much they’re willing to sacrifice to fly a flag that isn’t doing its job.

Clarion Ledger