PENDER: Is incumbent Fitch vulnerable?

Is Republican State Treasurer Lynn Fitch vulnerable this year even as most statewide incumbents appear to have re-election cakewalks?

There is much talk to that effect these days, and oddly it’s coming from some of her (former) staunchest political supporters and staff.

Notably, her primary opponent is among that relatively large number. Republican challenger David McRae, a Ridgeland attorney, was formerly a Fitch majordomo. He served as an adviser and even worked in her office providing pro bono counsel. Now he’s gunning to oust her.

At least half a dozen of Fitch’s top treasury staff have bailed or been run off during her first term.

Also notably, two of her top campaign gurus have jumped ship to support McRae.

Consultant and lobbyist Hayes Dent, who ran Fitch’s successful 2011 campaign, and fundraiser Sara Williams are supporting McRae and helped with a recent fundraiser for him.