GEOFF PENDER: Saa-lute to Gunn on campaign finance passage

Saaa-lute: This did not appear to be an easy task. Gunn deserves kudos. The bill’s passage appeared to be on the force of his will (and probably a little concern for public perception).

Gunn’s own Republican leadership team — with plenty of help from Democrats in rare bipartisanship — helped kill last year’s measure in the 11th hour of the session on an un-recorded voice vote. Last week, the only Gunn lieutenant to say anything nice about his bill was Rep. Jason White, R-West, who handled it on the floor for Gunn.

The rest of his GOP leaders — with the exception of Education Chairman John Moore, who voted no — appeared to sit on their hands and begrudgingly push their green buttons in what wound up a 104-12 vote.

I heard on good authority that some in Gunn’s GOP caucus asked if they could have a poll on the measure, to which Gunn replied: You will, up on that big electronic vote board in the House.

Clarion Ledger