Pender: Senate race devolves into racism, ‘boobies’

On the state level, McDaniel needs to be broadening his base beyond the tea party. McDaniel needs to start drawing in those who are Republican, but not mad about it.

The McDaniel-Cochran race for U.S. Senate has recently evolved — or devolved — to a sorry state of affairs, focused on racism, radio clips, “mamacitas” and “boobies.”

I’m looking at a broadside from the Central Mississippi Tea Party, one of McDaniel’s stalking horses, that appears to be calling much of the state Republican establishment racist. This is return-fire in response to news about McDaniel being on the program for a gun show that included a segregationist vendor.

It coincides with national media picking up clips of bombastic comments McDaniel made — about slavery, “mamacitas” and a Libertarian candidate “using her boobies … to run for office.” This was back when McDaniel was bombastic for a living, hosting “The Right Side” radio talk show from 2004-2007. National outlets are drawing comparisons to Todd Akin’s “legitimate rape” Senate campaign fail in Missouri.


For a couple of weeks now, Alan Lange over at the Y’all Politics blog has gone at the story like a spider monkey on whether McDaniel agreed to be the keynote speaker at the upcoming Firearm Freedom Day rally in Guntown (you couldn’t make this stuff up). The event list also featured a segregationist vendor. Lange, an admitted Cochran supporter, has documented what appears to be a Mississippi two step by the McDaniel campaign on whether McDaniel had agreed to speak at the rally. But a campaign spokesman says “Chris never agreed to attend and is not going to attend.” I defer to Y’all Politics if you’d like to read more details. It is probably the most thorough documentation ever done on the planning for a gun show.

Not to be outdone, the Central Mississippi Tea Party sent out a “press release” in response to state Republican Party Chairman Joe Nosef “talking to the liberal media claiming the party needs to vet candidates like … McDaniel.” The release said “Nosef needs to clarify Cochran’s and other GOP leadership comments, votes and affiliations to Neo-Confederate organizations.”

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