Geoff Pender: It’s gut-check time for Gunn on flag

But since then, Gunn has been noticeably quiet on the issue. When pressed on it before the new year, he said he stands by his comments. But otherwise, he hasn’t appeared to be rallying support in the House for such a change. Such a proposal was not among the 20 bills he has authored.

This week — Monday and Tuesday — will be a gut check for Gunn’s resolve on his June statements. Tuesday is the deadline for committee passage of general bills. If such a flag measure doesn’t clear a House or Senate committee, the issue is likely dead for this session.

And if such a measure doesn’t pass a House committee, over which Gunn has great control, one might assume his resolve on the issue is also dead. His fellow top Republican leaders, Gov. Phil Bryant and Lt. Gov. Tate Reeves, have said the Legislature should punt such a vote to the masses, as in 2001.