PENDER: Present, but unaccounted for

State Sen. Chris McDaniel received a warm greeting from a colleague on the Senate floor: “Chris! Welcome back! Where have you been? I’m glad to finally see you!”

Trouble was, this was near the end of the second week of the current legislative session….

…McDaniel was on the Senate floor Jan. 6, the first day of the session, but has since been missing from the chamber most days of the session. On Wednesday, when he was greeted by his colleague, he came in about 45 minutes into heated debate on an education bill. But McDaniel has been marked present, if unaccounted for, each day. He’ll receive his “per diem” of about $100 a day….

…Maybe McDaniel is just temporarily lying low to let election fear and loathing die down. It’s widely thought McDaniel will again seek a higher office, statewide or federal.

At this point, one has to wonder whether his heart is truly in his state Senate post.

Clarion Ledger