GEOFF PENDER: Will Chris McDaniel join Bannon’s ‘war on GOP?’

Reports are Bannon is working with conservative political financier Robert Mercer and others to pump millions into anti-establishment GOP races. Already, the Washington Post reported, the Mercer family has started donating some money to challenger candidate PACs, including $50,000 recently to the new Remember Mississippi, a super PAC set up by an assistant at McDaniel’s law firm in Laurel.

Alan Lange at the Y’all Politics site — no fan of McDaniel’s — has a detailed column on the Mercer donation and the new PAC. He calls the creation of a PAC by someone so closely tied to McDaniel and his law firm that its structure would be questioned and likely have to be overhauled legally should he run “the first flub of a campaign for U.S. Senate that may not ever be.” And Lange doubles down on his belief McDaniel won’t run against Wicker….

…McDaniel on Friday boldly opined that “whichever race we decide to enter, financing won’t be an issue.” As for large national conservative groups that could pump millions into a Senate race, McDaniel said he’s talked with several and, “these groups are absolutely interested.”

McDaniel said he will be weighing many variables in considering a run, “but financial concerns aren’t one of those variables.”

Clarion Ledger