PERRY/Bryant transitions to governor

Bryant replaced MEMA Executive Director Mike Womack with Robert Latham who previously served in that post under Musgrove and Barbour; he promoted within the agency to move Rickey Berry up to Executive Director of the Department of Human Services. At the Department of Employment Security, Les Range is out, replaced as executive director by Mark Henry who most recently served as Bryant’s chief-of-staff and served as the final chief-of-staff to Governor Fordice. Bryant also moves Dr. David Dzielak from his position as director of strategic research alliances at the University of Mississippi Medical Center over to Executive Director of Medicaid.

Kirk Sims, who served as Bryant’s policy director in the lieutenant governor’s office and then as his gubernatorial campaign manager, will be Bryant’s new chief-of-staff. As deputy chief of staff, Bryant brings in Lucien Smith who served as counsel and a policy aide to Barbour before making an attempt to become the Republican nominee for Treasurer in 2011.

Brian Perry
Madison County Journal