PERRY/Barbour, Reeves, Chaney target Obama at Fair

In their speeches Thursday at the Pavilion, Governor Haley Barbour, Treasurer Tate Reeves, and Insurance Commissioner Mike Chaney each criticized the Obama Administration’s healthcare and energy proposals.

Barbour said the Obama Administration, “and the extremely liberal Democrat Congress have gone on a spending spree that would give drunken sailors a bad name!” Citing the $1.8 trillion deficit and $3.5 trillion budget, Barbour said, “This spending guarantees huge tax increases, federal debt that our grandchildren will still be dealing with when they’re my age; not to mention a weaker dollar with accompanying increases in gas prices and higher interest rates.”

He called the two big policy initiatives being pursued by the Obama Administration – government healthcare and cap and trade – “job killers” and “job destroyers.”

Reeves, shared Barbour’s assessment, “President Obama and the Democrats in Congress would have us take a left turn towards higher taxes, a massively expanded government and less personal freedom. They’ve passed a stimulus plan that doesn’t stimulate. A budget that won’t balance. An energy bill that would shut the lights out on our economy. The government is now making cars, but it can’t make a dent in the deficit. And now they want a health care plan that is unhealthy for taxpayers,” Reeves said. He continued, “That’s not hope. That’s not change. That’s not America.”

Neshoba Democrat