PERRY/Business turns grassroots

Mississippi’s voice for business policy conducted its 30th Anniversary Membership Meeting on March 11 in Jackson featuring six statewide elected officials and hosting a number of legislators. BIPEC (Business and Industry Political Education Committee) invited all state legislators, but most of the lawmakers present tended to be Republicans or conservative Democrats who score high on BIPEC’s annual business scorecard. Some new legislative faces in the room more aligned with the House Democratic leadership suggested interesting political maneuvering for a potential post-Speaker McCoy 2012 legislature.

The morning session kicked off with a panel discussion on the “State of Business in Mississippi” featuring Secretary of State Delbert Hosemann, Treasurer Tate Reeves, Auditor Stacey Pickering and Insurance Commissioner Mike Chaney.

Hosemann spoke on his efforts to improve securities laws, LLC and corporate structure changes, new 16th Section Land management, and intellectual property reforms. Hosemann said Mississippi is no longer just competing with Alabama or Louisiana, “We’re in a worldwide economy and that’s where we need to compete.” He called recently signed Mississippi legislation the “best trademark laws in the country” and suggested his LLC legislation would be “great law, better than Deleware, better than Alabama, better than anywhere.”

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