BRIAN PERRY / Orlando guns

But Murphy and Senator Elizabeth Warren (D-Mass) said not restricting the Constitutional right of an American citizen to purchase a gun is equivalent to arming the enemy. “We’ve got to make this clear, constant case that Republicans have decided to sell weapons to ISIS,” Murphy told the Washington Post. Warren tweeted, “The [Senate Republicans] have decided to sell weapons to ISIS.”

Certainly the Orlando murderer was an enemy. But are law abiding citizens enemies as well? Are all American citizens who want to purchase guns member of ISIS under this thinking? Shouldn’t we be trying to determine why this murderer who killed in the name of ISIS was removed from the terror watch list, or had he still be on the list if that would have prevented his killings?

But Democrats want to use the Orlando attack as political capital to pass gun control laws, even if those laws have nothing to do with the Orlando shooting. Intelligence officers or law enforcement officials do not have the authority to remove an American citizen’s Constitutional rights by putting that person on a terror watch list or a no-fly list or any other list. The Constitution ensures due process. Liberals may not like the Second Amendment; they may wish it were not part of the Constitution; but they don’t get to ignore it.

Madison County Journal