BRIAN PERRY/Dems created Wicker fire

The Democratic Senatorial Campaign Committee (DSCC) spent more than $6 million in 2008 attempting to defeat Republican U.S. Senator Roger Wicker in his special election match against former Democratic Governor Ronnie Musgrove. Wicker beat Musgrove by ten points. Now, Wicker will lead the efforts of Republicans against the DSCC in 2016 as the Chairman of the National Republican Senatorial Committee (NRSC).

Last week, Wicker’s Republican colleagues chose Wicker over Nevada Senator Dean Heller for the position charged with electing Republican Senators during the next cycle, which already promises to be a challenge as Republicans will be defending 24 seats while Democrats will be defending 10. Politico notes Republicans will defend seven seats in states won twice by President Barack Obama while Democrats can go on the offensive with rematches by recruiting Kay Hagan (the defeated incumbent in North Carolina) and Mary Landrieu (expected to be defeated in the Louisiana run-off) to run again in their respective “Red States.” The most vulnerable Democratic incumbent next cycle appears to be Harry Reid of Nevada.

As NRSC Chair, Wicker serves in the sixth position of Senate Republican leadership. The most recent Mississippi Senator to serve in leadership was Trent Lott who served as Republican Whip in 2007, and prior to that as Minority Leader and Majority Leader. Lott, who also served in House Republican leadership while in that body, said the NRSC chairmanship was the one leadership position he never wanted. It can be a hard and thankless job, especially going into a cycle where Republicans expect losses. Wicker acknowledges the strength of schedule but says he is up to the challenge and has shown he is ready to fight.

Madison County Journal