BRIAN PERRY: Hosemann vs. Reeves?

There is some fire to the smoke rumors that Secretary of State Delbert Hosemann may challenge incumbent Lt. Gov. Tate Reeves in the Republican Primary next year. The real question is, “why?”

It would be a formidable challenge. Hosemann, 67, and Reeves, 40, both are battle tested….

…Both Reeves and Hosemann are well liked; conservative; proven fundraisers with statewide name identification and battle tested campaigners. If the race occurs – which would likely set new state campaign finance records – what would be Hosemann’s argument for voters to fire Reeves and hire him? Such a run would seem to fly in the face of his 2003 reasoning not to run for Attorney General.

The political chatter is that Hosemann wants the position to run for the open 2019 gubernatorial seat and is being encouraged by those in Governor Phil Bryant’s camp to challenge Reeves, with whom he has battled. If true, both are legitimate political motivations but not something that inspires voters. Hosemann’s ability to fundraise and his statewide poll numbers give him the ability to run, but not a reason to run.

Madison County Journal