BRIAN PERRY/ Lawn mower racing

So while you may be focused on who we elect lieutenant governor or attorney general, there are other folks in Mississippi who are more concerned with the campaign of Cleotra “Popsickle” Tanner for Humphreys County Supervisor; or Johnny “8-Ball” Harris for Bolivar County Constable; or Evelyn “Dancy” Murray for Noxubee County Superintendent; or John “Cheese Burger” Jones for Tallahatchie County Constable; or Jeff “Pedro” Henry for Clay County Justice Court Judge; or Ethel “Tootie” Durham for Holmes County Tax Assessor.

Former Speaker of the U.S. House Tip O’Neill attributed to his father the advice, “all politics is local.”

When it comes to crime, potholes, traffic, taxes and in some places even lawn mower racing, politics – and governing – on the local level can sometimes be the most important. That doesn’t diminish the importance of campaigns for statewide or legislative offices, but when the rubber meets the road (or the rubber meets the dirt track) often priorities shift from the governor’s mansion to the community center.

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