BRIAN PERRY/Making culture at The Fair

Just 1,050 miles (as the mule stumbles) southwest of Philadelphia, Pennsylvania and the 2016 Democratic National Convention, a different convention of sorts will soon be wrapping up outside Philadelphia, Mississippi. The 127th Neshoba County Fair certainly has its share of politics with judicial candidates and statewide elected officials scheduled on Wednesday and Thursday, and a planned visit by Donald Trump, Jr. on Tuesday.

And while there are televisions at the Fair Grounds, and radios and internet, for those who showed up early to move in and stayed throughout, the activities, intrigue, and controversies at last week’s Republican National Convention and this week’s Democratic Convention went generally unnoticed. Fair folks had more important issues to discuss…

…Key and Blanton are story tellers. They both fit right in at the Fair where every year new stories are made and old stories are told. The stories vary by cabin or neighborhood but all are unique to “Mississippi’s Giant House Party.”

Every four years Republicans and Democrats gather for their conventions and make history. But Fair goers – the Republicans, the Democrats and the agnostics – gather every year and make culture.

Madison County Journal