PERRY/Neshoba speakers

Senate president pro-tem Giles Ward (R-18) speaks on Wednesday, his final fair as an elected official after announcing his retirement at the end of this term at last year’s Fair. He will be preceded by four Republicans seeking to fill his seat: Speedy Calvert, Curt Pace, Jenifer Branning and Mark Forsman. Candidates for district attorney and Central District Transportation Commissioner, as well as Representative Scott Bounds (R-44) will also be speaking.

Next, comes the fireworks. (Not literally – the fireworks literally come out Friday night at the close of the Fair – the metaphoric political fireworks.)

Madison Mayor Mary Hawkins-Butler takes the stage in her primary challenge against incumbent Republican State Auditor Stacey Pickering. Butler has a flair for the dramatic while Pickering is regarded as one of the best stump speakers today in Mississippi politics.

Libertarian Ron Williams and Democrat Tim Johnson speak prior to the person they are challenging: Republican incumbent Lieutenant Governor Tate Reeves. Both Williams and Johnson were once Republicans. Williams lost a Republican primary bid for Governor in 2011 and switched to the Libertarians for an unsuccessful challenge to Republican Congressman Steven Palazzo in 2012. Johnson, an Elvis impersonator, formerly served in the state Senate and as a supervisor as a Republican before joining the Democrats earlier this year.

Brian Perry
Madison County Journal