BRIAN PERRY/Incumbents expected to win

All four of Mississippi’s U.S. Representatives face challengers on the November ballot; two face primary challengers; but all are expected to easily win reelection. Primary elections will be held on March 8; the general election on November 8…

…Republican Steven Palazzo faces three challengers in his bid for a fourth term: Democrat Mark Gladney of Gulfport; Libertarian Richard Blake McCluskey of Hattiesburg; and perennial Reform Party candidate Shawn O’Hara. McCluskey lost a Republican Primary challenge to Representative Toby Barker last year and was a leader in Chris McDaniel’s failed 2014 U.S. Senate primary challenge against Thad Cochran. There was talk that McDaniel might make a run against Palazzo with reports of polling in the field. But McDaniel said in a released statement that while he felt “betrayed” by Palazzo that “being one Congressman out of 435 others would not represent a political promotion for me or the movement…Being in DC would greatly interfere with the plans I have for Mississippi and its people.”

Madison County Journal