BRIAN PERRY/Mayor league scandals

Not that it’s anybody’s business, but whispered gossip about Jackson Mayor Tony Yarber erupted into television reports and front page news last week following a salacious lawsuit filed in federal court by Yarber’s former executive assistant, Kimberly Bracey.

In her suit against Yarber and the City of Jackson, Bracey alleges, “sex discrimination, sexual harassment, a sexually hostile work place” and that Yarber “unlawfully retaliated against” her after she ended their consensual sexual relationship. Both Yarber and Bracey were married (but not to each other) during the time period discussed in the suit. The Clarion Ledger reported Yarber, who in addition to being the mayor is also a minister, officiated Bracey’s wedding….

…Political sexual scandals draw a spotlight.

A friend once told me about a deacons’ meeting at his church following the resignation of their preacher and choir director. One elderly deacon sought clarification, “You mean the preacher was having sex with the choir leader?” Yes, he was told, but they had both resigned and now it’s nobody’s business. The elderly man shook his head in disagreement, “When it comes to sex, it’s everybody’s business!”

Madison County Journal