BRIAN PERRY/Tax cuts and ‘Elvis’

Tuesday, in Richland, Lt. Gov. Tate Reeves announced his “Taxpayer Pay Raise Act of 2015” which would eliminate the lowest state income tax bracket, create a self-employment tax deduction for income tax and eliminate the franchise tax.

Unless you are an accountant, attorney or policy wonk, tax reforms isn’t the sexiest issue. But Reeve’s plan provides a stark contrast to his one announced opponent in the upcoming election: former state senator, former supervisor and current Elvis impersonator Tim Johnson: the newly christened Democrat from Madison County who announced last week he would be running for lieutenant governor.

In 2008, as a Madison supervisor, Johnson supported an attempt to enact the largest tax hike in Madison’s history: a position which earned him the Republican rebuke of a unanimous resolution by the Madison Mayor and Board of Aldermen calling for his resignation.

Mississippi Republican Party Chairman Joe Nosef suggested that perhaps Johnson had in fact been a “Republican impersonator” in his prior elected offices. I think it’s good Johnson has found a political home that supports his view on higher taxes.

Cutting taxes and smaller government are basic Republican issues.

Madison County Journal