BRIAN PERRY/Porn on school computers

Stacey Pickering is correct that Mississippi public schools are required to provide these safety protocols and he makes sound recommendations to address the apparent failures of school districts to meet their obligations.

But these federal standards were created before pervasive Wi-Fi. Today a high school student can go to any McDonald’s or coffee shop with a school issued device and wirelessly connect to any online content. A student at school can pull out a phone, create a hotspot, and sync a school device to a cellular account and bypass any filters. And I’m sure there are a plethora of challenges I’m unaware of as I’m still daily mystified by the capabilities of my own iPhone which is so old it is no longer supported by Apple.

So government has some catching up to do. Mississippi public schools, according to this audit report, can’t meet standards created fifteen years ago. And likely by the time their devices catch up, they’ll already be obsolete.

Neshoba Democrat