BRIAN PERRY/November ballot approved

In state Senate races, 13 Democrats are unopposed, 18 Republicans are unopposed and there are 17 contests between Republicans and Democrats. Two more races have a Republican, Democrat and independent and two Republicans face third-party opponents: one Reform and one Libertarian.

In state House races, 39 Democrats are unopposed, 41 Republicans are unopposed and there are 38 match-ups between Republicans and Democrats. One Democrat and two Republicans face independent opponents with an additional Republican facing a Libertarian candidate.

All three Public Service Commissioner and all three Transportation Commissioner seats are contested by both major parties along with three Reform candidates.

Only 4 of Mississippi’s 22 district attorney seats in the state are contested. In District One, Democrat Arch Bullard is challenging Republican John Weddle. Weddle, a former assistant DA was appointed to the seat when his predecessor Trent Kelly was elected to Congress earlier this year. In District Eight, incumbent Democrat Mark Duncan is being challenged by Republican Tyler McCaughn. Three candidates are running in District Thirteen: incumbent Republican Daniel C. Jones, Democrat Matt Sullivan and independent Wilton McNair. And in District Sixteen, incumbent Forrest Allgood, a former Democrat is running as an independent while his challenger Scott Colom, who has family Republican ties, is running as a Democrat.

The November 3 election also features 21 candidates running for 7 newly created judicial seats. County officials are also on the ballot.

Madison County Journal