Perry, Romney battle in Mississippi

JACKSON — By the time Mississippi Republicans go to the polls on March 13, 2012 to cast their presidential primary preference votes, the race for the GOP nomination could be pretty much over. But that hasn’t stopped Mississippians from getting involved in campaigns as contributors and leaders.

According to data as of November 14, 2011 from the Center for Responsive Politics, Mississippians have voted the most with their checkbooks for Rick Perry ($50,099), Ron Paul ($38,832) and Mitt Romney ($24,325). Other candidates have brought in less: Michele Bachmann at $11,000; Herman Cain at $4,600; Newt Gingrich at $4,150; and Jon Huntsman at $250. President Barack Obama has raised $40,080 from Mississippi for his reelection campaign – a third of his combined rivals.