Perry – Senate Dem supports voter ID

Senator Cindy Hyde-Smith (D-Brookhaven) supports the voter ID initiative and intends on signing a petition, but wishes voter ID could have been passed during the session. “I hope [the initiative] works and I hope we get it. I truly want voter ID,” she said.

The need for voter ID hits home for one of Hyde-Smith’s constituents. A few years ago, Jennifer Jackson of Brookhaven went to vote only to be told she had already voted. She assured the poll workers she had not, but they showed her where someone had signed her name. She also discovered someone had voted for her deceased father.

“If someone had to show an ID, they couldn’t have been able to steal my vote or vote for my poor dear dad. I don’t think that is too much to ask,” Jackson said. She continued, “It was really disturbing to me, and it’s so easy to stop it from happening: show identification. I can’t imagine why anyone would be opposed to voter ID, unless you’re the politician the crooks are voting for.”

Brian Perry
Madison County Journal