Perry – Tax Tea Party Day

Mississippians paying taxes on April 15, steamed over trillions of dollars in wasteful spending by the Obama Administration, may be brewing up a political revolution.

Eight blocks north of the Medgar Evers Post Office in downtown Jackson – which traditionally stays open to midnight accepting last minute tax mailings – attorney Mark Mayfield, talk radio host Kim Wade and others will lead a Tax Day Tea Party on the south steps of the Mississippi Capitol.

“The heart and soul of the tea party movement is the belief that our current economy is the result of our families and our government engaging in too much borrowing, too much spending, and too much debt. More debt, more spending, and higher taxes are not solutions to the problem; they are the problem,” said Mayfield.

Wade agreed, “No matter how we count the debt, what we’re really talking about is loss of freedom. You can’t ‘join’ the movement,” it isn’t a club or party with membership dues, “but you can be a part of the movement if you’re like minded, if you love America and love freedom.”

Wade continued with the theme he broadcasted moments earlier on his afternoon talk show, “Our leaders have let us down. We’re going to educate our politicians. First in office, and if the lesson doesn’t take, then in 2010 we’ll educate them by throwing them out of office. We’ll have to start over with their replacements, but hopefully they’ll have learned the lessons of their predecessors.”

Wade and Mayfield said they are not targeting or supporting any party.

“The tea party is not an ends in and of itself,” explained Mayfield, “it is the beginning of a movement.” They said when people leave the event they will possess a game plan to get involved in 2010 and 2011.

Mayfield and Wade hope this event spurs lovers of liberty and economic prosperity to throw their hats in the ring of campaigns. “Debt and regulations suffocate the free market,” said Mayfield, “we need leaders who understand this, and citizens who will hold them accountable.”

“We’re really in trouble when Eastern Europe is warning us away from socialism,” Wade continued, “The warning signs are here. Now its time for us to take our country back.”

The two-hour event kicks off at 4 p.m. on Wednesday, April 15 and will feature patriotic music, a color guard, and speakers including U.S. Rep. Gregg Harper, Lt. Gov. Phil Bryant, state Sen. Chris McDaniels of Jones County and state Rep. Rita Martinson of Madison County.

The Madison County Republican Women will conduct a voter registration drive. The movement will host a food drive to benefit Jackson’s Stewpot Community Services.

There will be a tent for people to drop off resumes. “The people attending this event are the kind of hard-working, conscientious workers employers are looking for,” said Mayfield.

Brian Perry
Neshoba County Democrat