PERS Study: Following The Reaction

Yesterday, Haley Barbour’s office announced that the PERS study commission will release their recommendations today. There was a ton of talk of PERS during the elections, it was certainly a hot button issue and Democrats felt like it was a winning issue for them. Considering the results of the elections, we can debate the merits of that, but it will remain a major political issue, and a tricky one.

Because of that, I’m interested in seeing how the parties respond and proceed.

The GOP obviously has the most to lose on this issue, as with any major issue at this point. That is what happens when you are the majority and control all levels of state government. Regardless of what Democrats and their allies were saying all year long, Republican candidates pretty much vowed to protect all benefits for those in the system, including the much discussed “13th check.” Specifically, the House Republican Caucus signed a pledge and there was also the group of Republican Senators who, while not speaking for the leadership, made their own promises.

Majority in Mississippi