Phil Bryant Announces Proposal for a Healthier Mississippi by Educating and Training 1,000 New Doctors by 2025
Bryant makes announcement at MedStat Helicopter Hangar Groundbreaking Event in Winona

(Winona, Miss.)—Today, Lt. Governor Phil Bryant spoke to the groundbreaking ceremony of the MedStat helicopter hangar at the Winona airport. MedStat serves more than 14 counties in North Mississippi and provides a critical transportation service when emergencies occur. At the event, Bryant announced a proposal to educate and train 1,000 new doctors in Mississippi by the year 2025.

“By improving emergency transportation services like we are discussing today with this MedStat announcement, it is important that we focus on all aspects of health care quality, accessibility and availability,” Bryant said. “That means having more health care professionals working across our state, and that’s why I’m proposing a goal of educating and training 1,000 new doctors in Mississippi by the year 2025.”

“I’m committed to making Mississippi the most job-friendly state in America, and to do that, we have to continue improving our health care system to take care of our residents as well as attracting new businesses to come here,” Bryant stated. “Every new physician will result in $1.5 million in local economic impact including new jobs they create with nurses, other staff, medical equipment and construction. Because health care is such a key component to the quality of life in any community, by having 1,000 more doctors, not only will we have healthier communities, we’ll have more economic development tools to recruit new jobs to Mississippi.”

“When Mississippi tried to bring a Nissan plant to the state, they said it couldn’t be done.” Bryant said. “We proved them wrong. When we did, they said, you can’t do it again, and we proved them wrong by recruiting Toyota to Blue Springs in North Mississippi. “Now, if people doubt we can become a health care leader and add 1,000 new doctors over the next fourteen years, I ask people to join me in making this commitment to reach that goal. Together, we can work hard to make it a reality.”

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