Phil Bryant Endorsed by the Mississippi Federation for Immigration Reform and Enforcement

(Jackson, Miss.)—Today, Phil Bryant received another endorsement for his campaign for Governor. The Mississippi Federation for Immigration Reform and Enforcement (MFIRE) endorsed Phil Bryant today at his campaign office in Jackson.

Dr. Rodney Hunt of MFIRE stated, “Phil Bryant has been more involved and has accomplished more than any other statewide or local elected official in the state of Mississippi in trying to protect our citizens from the harmful effects of illegal immigration.”

“When Phil Bryant ran for Lt. Governor, immigration enforcement was one of the keystones of his campaign,” Hunt continued. “Since his election he has kept his campaign promises regarding trying to reduce illegal immigration in Mississippi. Through his leadership the Mississippi Senate has overwhelmingly passed numerous enforcement bills each year.”

Phil Bryant accepted MFIRE’s endorsement saying, “While some people say that this is a federal issue, as we have all seen, the current administration in Washington has no plans to deal with the problem, which will make the problems and costs even worse.”

Bryant talked about the recent legislation approved by the Mississippi Senate to implement an Arizona-style law that would give Mississippi law enforcement officers the authority to question and arrest suspected illegal immigrants as a secondary offense.

“The issue of illegal immigration is not about race, skin color or language,” Bryant said. “Those who say it is are just trying to scare away common sense from the debate. Illegal immigration is not just a border state issue. It’s having a negative impact on Mississippi. “

“People who are not citizens are breaking the law by living and working here, and receiving benefits such as health care.” Bryant said. “In a study I published as State Auditor in 2006, illegal immigration was costing our state more than $25 million every year. Clearly, illegals take jobs away from Mississippians and that is unfair to our citizens.”

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