Phil Bryant Receives Endorsements from the Mississippi Police Benevolent Association and a Coalition of Mississippi Law Enforcement Leaders
(Jackson, Miss.)—On Wednesday, July 6, Phil Bryant received key law enforcement endorsements for his campaign for Governor from the Mississippi Police Benevolent Association and a coalition of law enforcement leaders across the state including seventeen Sheriffs.

“On behalf of the 2,600 active and retired law enforcement officers we represent at the Mississippi Police Benevolent Association, I am pleased to announce our endorsement for the law enforcement candidate for Governor, Phil Bryant,” said Chris Skinner with the Mississippi Police Benevolent Association.

“As a former Deputy Sheriff, I know how important it is to support local law enforcement officials as they work to make our communities safe,” said Lt. Governor Phil Bryant. “I am pleased to receive the endorsement from the Mississippi Police Benevolent Association and the other law enforcement leaders who are joining my campaign.”

“I understand the challenges our law enforcement officials face, and I pledge to do all I can to support them,” Bryant said. “Fighting drug crime, punishing sexual predators and protecting our children are all critical tasks, and we must continue to support law enforcement with the tools and resources they need.”

Phil Bryant campaign release