Philip Gunn baffled at AG Hood’s re-election

JACKSON, Miss. (Legal Newsline) – Mississippi’s Republican candidate for House speaker says he can’t figure out why voters re-elected state Attorney General Jim Hood to a third term.

Though state Rep. Philip Gunn admitted he was mostly focused on his own re-election and the race to become the state’s next House speaker, he said he doesn’t know where the state GOP and Hood’s opponent, Steve Simpson, went wrong.

Simpson — a former public service commissioner, circuit judge and assistant district attorney — was a “quality candidate,” he said.

“He had a resume that was very good,” Gunn said. “Jim Hood just was able to get his voters out and was able to prevail.”

Hood is now the only Democrat to hold a major statewide office in Mississippi.

Following last week’s elections, Republicans are in control of both houses of the state Legislature and have retained control of the Governor’s Office. Lt. Gov. Phil Bryant was elected to succeed Gov. Haley Barbour.

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