Philleo: Upstarts make football interesting

The world of college football is being turned upside down by a stampede of upstart teams, and I love it.
It all started when Appy State beat Michigan at home. Since then, it’s been a lot harder to pick the clear winners, and I’ve had to rethink my perceptions of many teams.
For example: East Carolina has knocked off two ranked teams and is now ranked No. 14; No. 21 Fresno State faces No. 10 Wisconsin Saturday; and No. 19 South Florida takes on No. 13 Kansas. Kentucky killed Louisville to open its season and has outscored its opponents so far this year by a margin of 65-5. Meanwhile, Tennessee and Miami are unranked.
Speaking of upstarts, I have to give Danny Parker props for picking Vanderbilt over South Carolina last Thursday.
I really didn’t think they would do it, but now I realize Vandy might have something going on this year.