Pic. Item – Taylor votes against health care bill, but says it had good points

POPLARVILLE — In a town hall meeting here on Friday, Congressman Gene Taylor charged the insurance companies colluded after Katrina and that they should have their anti-trust exemption revoked by Congress.

Taylor, who represents the fourth district, talked to about 300 students and private citizens jammed into the Pearl River Community College Technology Center’s conference hall.

The fourth district is composed mainly of South Mississippi from Laurel down to the Gulf Coast, which includes Pearl River County. The meeting lasted about an hour and a half and generated some lively give-and-take. Taylor lives in Bay St. Louis.

He said that the insurance industry is the only industry in the United States exempt from anti-trust laws, except for major league baseball. Being under the anti-trust law would prevent the insurance companies from talking to one another about their business operations.

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