Picayune’s School Board approves increase in ad valorem collections

Picayune’s Separate Municipal School Board of Trustees approved a motion to request $146,896 more in funding from ad valorem tax than the year before.

This amount will be generated from the increase in assessments that occurred when the Pearl River County Tax Assessor’s office was mandated by the state to use a new book this year that outlines the value of building materials. According to previous coverage, the value of almost every building material increased, leading to an increase in property assessments….

… Even with the increase, which will amount to an additional $70 to a homeowner with a home valued at $100,000 before the increase, the district’s millage will decrease. Persick said the total mills will decrease from 63.46 to 61.82. Of that millage, 56.49 will be used by the district to fund general operations while the rest will fund the GED and other programs and reduce the district’s debt service. While the district is supposed to be capped at 55 mills, state law allows school districts to request more millage when assessments will not generate the same amount of funding as the prior year, Persick said. She said that as assessments rise, the millage will decrease.

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