Pickering catches Constable with guns he shouldn’t have

He’s the former police chief of Bassfield who retired and is now a Jefferson Davis County constable and this what is a search warrant turned up inside the home of constable Walter Earl Bullock, an arsenal of guns, 72 total, including 3 automatic rifles and 4 sawed-off shotguns, most of which State Auditor Stacey Pickering says were bought and paid for with taxpayer money.

“It appears that most if not all weapons belong to the city of Bassfield or Jefferson Davis County and should not be assigned to this individual,” said Pickering.

Pickering says it’s tens of thousands of dollars worth of inventory including ammunition, a taser gun and even night vision goggles which still have a property of Jeff Davis County label.

“When we checked with the county, those goggles were assigned to another officer, never were assigned to this constable,” said Pickering

Pickering believes most of the weapons were obtained illegally and were never even missed by law enforcement agencies, for good reason.