Court of Appeals Upholds Ruling on Former Mayor Greg Davis

The Mississippi Court of Appeals affirmed the ruling of the Hinds County Chancery Court in its judgment holding Greg Davis liable for funds he misappropriated while Mayor of Southaven.

The State Auditor’s Office originally issued a demand against Greg Davis for $170,782.28 in November of 2011 following an investigation into the misuse of funds as Mayor of Southaven. Davis paid $96,000.00 of the demand before OSA initiated suit.

“This has been a long process since our investigation began in 2011, but we are pleased with the court’s verdict,” Auditor Pickering said. “We remain committed to returning the funds owed to the citizens of Southaven.”

Davis is ordered to repay the remaining $73,915.17 owed for illegal credit card payments, unauthorized travel, personal expenses, and unauthorized mileage reimbursements. The court ordered all cost for the state to appeal must be paid by Davis.

The Court found Greg Davis illegally induced the City of Southaven to pay for personal expenses, including a family vacation and counseling services.

Davis was found guilty of embezzlement in 2014, and he has appealed his criminal conviction. That case is pending.