State Auditor Pickering talks corruption, upcoming elections

State Auditor Stacey Pickering spoke Tuesday at the meeting of the Lowndes County Republican Women, talking about corruption in the state as well as upcoming state and national elections.

Pickering’s talk was optimistic. He first discussed investigations into public corruption throughout the state, pointing out that his office has removed 20 elected officials from office since he was elected to this post in 2008. He was responding to recent claims in Fortune magazine and other news sources throughout the country that Mississippi is “the most corrupt state in the nation,” according to a study by researchers from the City University of Hong Kong and Indiana University. …

…He called it an “exciting” election year, pointing out that the Republican Party has gotten bigger and the increasing number of Republicans in Mississippi offices. He predicted the number of Republican voters and the number of Republicans running for office will mean more primary elections for Republicans and fewer for Democrats and even suggested that some towns and counties will not have Democratic primaries this year.

The Dispatch