Pickering Uncovers Millions In Misused Money

JACKSON, Miss. — The state auditor has released page after page of public money misused in his agency’s annual report Thursday.
State Auditor Stacey Pickering said the State Auditor’s Fiscal Year 2011 report details dozens of cases, from embezzlement to misuse of funds.
According to the report, the state has made demands for more than $2 million. So far, Pickering said the state has gotten back close to $1 million, but that still leaves almost $1.5 million missing.
Pickering said the public may never get some of the money back because of embezzlement incidents, like the one in Hinds County. The report said a contractor caught laundering money still owes more than $100,000, and since he’s paying $1,100 a year, it would take more than 100 years to get the money back.