State Auditor Stacey Pickering announced today that
Special Agents served a demand to former Union County coroner, Mark Golding,
in the amount of $398,418.83. The Auditor’s Office began an investigation on
Golding on May 28 and determined that Golding submitted false claims,
totaling $276,591.56 to the Union County Board of Supervisors requesting
fees for deaths which he did not investigate.

In addition to submitting false claims, this information was reported to the
Mississippi Public Employment Retirement System (PERS) thereby inflating his
future benefits. Golding resigned as Coroner on June 6, 2013, and on August
29, an order was issued in Union County Circuit Court freezing Golding’s
retirement account.

“The civil demand issued by my office today represents the initial step to
recover funds that were misappropriated,” said State Auditor Pickering.
“During the 90 day freeze, we intend to work with PERS to reduce these
inappropriate wages and return to Union County the employer funds paid into
PERS by the taxpayers.”

“PERS is always pleased to work with the State Auditor’s Office to safeguard
and maintain the integrity of the System and to insure the interests of the
taxpayers of Mississippi are served,” said Pat Robertson, Director of PERS.

Elected as Mississippi’s 41st State Auditor in 2007, Stacey Pickering was
re-elected as State Auditor in 2011 receiving over 75 percent of the vote in
the November General Election. Since 2008, Pickering has recovered more than
$19 million in embezzled, misspent or misappropriated funds. He is a seventh
generation Mississippian from Jones County. Auditor Pickering currently
serves on the Domestic Working Group for the Office of the Comptroller
General of the United States. He also serves on the Financial Management and
Intergovernmental Affairs and Performance Audit Committees for the National
Association of State Auditors, Comptrollers and Treasurers and is a member
of the National State Auditors Association. Throughout his political career,
Pickering has made tremendous strides in creating more accountability and
transparency in government and continues to promote fiscal responsibility
and the need for more efficiency and productivity in government. For more
information on Stacey Pickering, visit